Waffle Pod Supplies

The Waffle Pod Footing system is an innovative method of constructing concrete slabs, providing enormous strength and durability and significantly reducing building costs. The system ‘on-ground’ rather than ‘in-ground’ slabs, eliminating the need for labour intensive trenching – formerly essential to create underfloor concrete beams in conventional slab construction methods. Construction takes place on cleared level surfaces, allowing work to continue uninterrupted in inclement weather conditions. The environment friendly system uses polystyrene void formers arranged on the leveled building area in a grid pattern with reinforcing between and above the void formers. Concrete fills the spaces between and across the Ribbed Raft to form a slab over the entire area. The spaces between the void formers effectively become concrete beams on ribs resulting in a slab which is a structural element of immense strength.
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The Waffle Pod People also provide a fully supervised concreting service. Our primary goal is to create expertly designed, concrete slabs. We work on large and small projects in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Concrete is an essential part of construction and few projects are built without it, being the very foundation of construction. We have over 30 years in the concreting business, and have built a solid reputation for high quality, dependable concrete slab solutions. With our experience and expertise we provide our clients with accuracy, understanding and attention to detail. As we have grown we have increased our capacity and honed our skills. Our team is highly experienced, supervised and professional. We are fully licensed and insured.

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